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Remembering the legendary Tina Turner.
Back in 1984, I was working at Seattle’s
1250 KFOX & part of my job was to go to this concert & review it.
Well, it was Tina Turner’s comeback show, opening up for
Lionel Ritchie.
Great show with great memories that’ll last forever.

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Philly native Suspens is about to drop his new single “2Pac Shakur” (Suspens Recording). RAP ATTACK DJ’s look out for it this week.
Anyone else requesting the MP3, hit me up at

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Anyone catch the season finale of “Power Book?”
Although episodes 8 & 10 were leaked on
YouTube, quality was soooo much better in it’s normal airing on STARZ!

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Florida’s OG Radio & Records Promoter for well over 40 years, Nick “Baby Love” Salerno, Music Inc. is still in the mix in 2023! Get ready for his EXCLUSIVE & newest project about to explode nationally with Latina artist “AILEEN” Rosario!
Aileen is working on a classic Spanish/English (Spanglish) remake of the classic Joan Osborne hit, “What Becomes Of The Broken Heart!”
It’s Nick “Baby Love” Salerno & Aileen giving new meaning to the Beatle’s classic, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand!”

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IAM TONGI, this year's newest American Idol!
@wtongi @americanidol

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 The “NO KNOCK WARRANT BILL” is now a Law in Minnesota in honor of Buddy McLain’s son, Amir.
Congratulations from all of us at

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I Made It Off The Block” by Big Caz

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(l-r) Big Caz & DJ D-Tragic (KCSB-CA)

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I already ordered my copy & you should too!
Follow the true story of Big Caz aka Guillermo Eiland, a one-time major drug dealer, a career criminal who makes it ‘off the block’ to become a successful entrepreneur and musician, consorting with the likes of rapper Ice-T.  
He is now on a new mission: a life dedicated to helping others avoid the mistakes he made growing up.

(order your copy here)

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Seattle’s E-Dawg of EsWayRadio.com has been in the hospital due to complications from High Blood Pressure.

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Please help E-DAWG & his family through the upcoming fundraiser
& on his go-fund-me page:


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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
May 29, 2023

What is good my Hip Hop friends!?!  I am back!
This time around, I give you a brand-new single from one of my favorite groups, Slum Village. This is that amazing Detroit crew originally formed by T3, Baatin and J Dilla. They are back with some more of that dope Hip Hop music we've come to expect from them.

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With an album coming some time this year, their first single, produced by Young RJ, features The Dramatics along with Larry June.
The song is titled “Just Like You”, and it gives you that feel-good vibe. Coming in at a nice 106 beats per minute, the groove of the song makes you want to move to it while Young RJ and T3, along with Larry June, rock you with their smooth vocal deliveries. This song is out just in time to bump in your ride with the top down as you cruise the streets during the sunny summer days. Go get it, it is worth your time!
 Slum Village will be doing their thing, live and on stage, in June out here in California at the Back to Basics show. The show also includes Havoc (Mobb Deep), Pete Rock and Czarface. Should be an amazing show!

Well, that is it for me this time!
Peace and Love!

DJ 3rd Degree

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What’s more irritating than hearing someone repeating after every sentence, “Know What I’m Saying?” Someone repeating, “GYEA!”
Actually it sounds good when Spokane’s
Grandmixer GMS (left) & MC Eiht say, “GYEA!”

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Altho I remember like it was yesterday, it’s been about 40 years touring on the road in Fresno, Cali with Connie & the late Jermaine Stewart!
Yup, the
Mix-A-Lot posse was in full swing with “The Square Dance Rap!”

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I am forever grateful to Terry Terry for opening the acting door for me. She was my very FIRST acting agent from Seattle. She recently passed away from cancer.
In the beginning, my own experience came from being featured in Sir Mix-A-Lot's videos. I got a lot of national attention thru that.
I decided to get an Acting agent and after doing some research, my friend Robert Brewer referred me to Terry Terry.
Terry & I hit it off so well. I quickly signed on the dotted line & then went on auditions & took improv classes thru her.
In one improv scene, I had to rescue a dying dog from a car accident. Terry noticed I had the look of a gangster, hard & menacing, but the emotions I expressed were sensitive, warm & caring, a lovable person. She compared me to the actor John Candy!
She booked me on the first short film I did, "Scratch Merchants" (pix below) starring Cynthia Geary from the hit TV show, "Northern Exposure."
I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles in 1998 and with the acting skills I learned from Terry Terry, landed roles in NBC's "ER," "HOUSE PARTY 4" & 20th Century Fox's "Kung Pow! Enter The Fist."
I LOVE YOU Terry & am forever grateful for what you did for me professionally & for our friendship. It was such a memorable time seeing you again back in 2018. Our photos together will help me cherish the memories FOREVER. (R.I.P.)
Nasty-Nes "Rodriguez"

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(l-r) Master P & Tone Henderson

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Always GREAT to see RAP ATTACK’s DJ Sandman
still reppin’ Hip Hop outta Tampa, FL.!
Here’s Sandman cold chillin’ with (l-r)
Mr Mixx, MC Serch & Ice Cube.

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Mr Rozzi not only “Respects The Culture,” he also respects the old school as he’s seen here with the legendary Slick Rick.

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Don't miss the NEXT INDEPENDENT ARTIST CONNECT on May 18, 2023!
You may be one of the lucky up & coming artist to WIN a Distribution Deal, Radio Promotions from
Top NotchRapAttackLives.com as well as be the NUMBER ONE MOST ADDED RECORD OF THE WEEK.
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Be There!

Young Hype & Nasty-Nes

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Taking it back a couple of years ago with some of my fellow "UNIVERSAL HIPHOP MUSEUM" West Coast Committee Board Members. We had invited supporters of the museum and HipHop Legendary West Coast Pioneers & Veterans & upcoming artists in the music Industry/Culture (represented MC'ing, DJ'ing, Breakin', Poplocking, Graffiti, Beat Boxing, Promoting, Radio and such) to our UHHM/Microsoft Envisioning Group Session at The L.A. Live JW Marriott to discuss ideas and the importance of having a HipHop Museum.
In the (above) huge group picture:

*ROCKY BUCANO (President)

*World Class Wreckin Cru’ very own (GRANDMASTER LONZO & CLI-N-TEL) 
*KING T (Likwit Crew)
*J-RO (Tha Alkaholiks)
*SMERK (Antics / Likwit Crew) 

*LIL’ CESAR (Air Force Crew/Shake City Rockers) 

*DJ SILKY D (Uncle Jams Army) 
*DJ BATTLECAT (Uncle Jams Army /1580am Kday Mixmaster) 
*ARABIAN PRINCE (N.W.A. / JJ Fad’s dj) 
*DJRALPH M of Funkdoobiest / 1580am Kday Mixmaster)
*MELLOW MAN ACE (Devastating Vocal Excellence)
*SCOTTY D (Sound Masters Crew / Uncle Jams Army)
*RICHIE RICH (L.A. Dream Team)

*TIC TAC (Showtime Poplockers)

*DJ DOMINO (South Central Cartel / True Blue / World Class Wreckin’ Cru’)
*THE POETESS (92.3fm The Beat)
*ANTIE ANGEL   (N.W.A. / LL Cool J back up dancer)
*HEN GEE (Rhyme Syndicate / 1580am Kday Mixmaster)
*DJ SPARK (B2K tour dj)

*DOUG YOUNG (Record Promoter)
*DJ SOUL LIFE (Kid Frost dj)

*ED YOUNG (Source Magazine)
*DISCO DADDY (first west coast rap recording artist)
*A.C. THE PD (HipHop Philosophy Radio / LA Breakers)

*SHAINA MORRISON (Microsoft representative)

*NASTY NES  (NastyMix Records)

*MEDUSA aka LADY TIC TUT (Groov-A-Trons, Project Blowed, Good Life)

*CHILLY MAC (first tagger in the West Coast)
*KRAZY BONE ( Bone Thugs N Harmony) 

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I always feel thankful, appreciative & blessed when DJ's that I helped still acknowledge where they got their start! 
Big props to Seattle's DJ Topspin, one of the best in the lineup up of talented DJ's who threw down in the mix on my KCMU RAP ATTACK show. It's DJ's like him who made my show NUMBER ONE.
From my heart, "THANK YOU!"

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Three The Hard Way!
(l-r): Nasty-Nes, Grandmixer GMS & JJ Hudson
Check out the latest press on JJ from Pump It Up Magazine.
Talk about going from Homeless, Drugs, Abuse to now a successful music career!
I hope her story inspires

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Altho it's been a few weeks, I’m still recovering from being at my Sifu Taky Kimura’s Memorial held back home in Seattle.
Sometimes I wonder what
Bruce Lee’s ”Game Of Death” movie would’ve been like if Bruce had lived. My Sifu Taky Kimura was supposed to be one of the fighters representing Wing Chun. He had his plane ticket to Hong Kong, paid for and ready. Then Bruce passed. My Sifu too has passed. (R.I.P.)

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206 Reunion
(l-r) DJ Forrest Gump, Nasty-Nes and The Maharaji

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This is where the magic begins for my KFOX NIGHTBEAT show,
airing Sunday nights from 9-11pm (pst) with
Nes & GMS on www.RanierAvenueRadio.world!
(L to R): Keith Tucker of @HipHopIsGreen, Tony B (PD of RAR) & Nasty-Nes!

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(L-R): Steve Lobel, Nasty-Nes & Brian Samson

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Author of the BEST SELLING book, "Gangster Rap," former Editor for The Source Magazine and Rap Pages & Hip Hop's top journalist Soren Baker goes one on one with DJ Nasty-Nes!

@sorenbaker and @uniqueaccessent

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