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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #731 . . . August 1, 2016 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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Celebrating the 20
th Anniversary of one of Philly's
Hip Hop icon
Bahamadia's album “Kollage” are
(left to right)
Phil Jackson (WPRB-NJ) and Bahamadia.

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DJ 3
rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
August 1-7, 2016

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This week’s pick:
Annunaki Rap by Space Invadaz – (Javotti Media)
Produced by Cincinnati, Ohio’s own Hi-Tek, this track is my fire pick for this week.
With a hot beat that uses a re-made sample of
Paid in Full by Eric B & Rakim,
BuggsThaRocka and Donte lay in on the track with their smooth hard flows.
This jam is sure to set your play list ablaze!
Video link: https://youtu.be/Ax2I1_dAO7o
This song, along with others, can be found on their free EP titled “Contact”.

Art of Rap Tour 2016
Los Angeles, CA July 22, 2016
by DJ 3rd Degree

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Ice T’s rap tour took its second trip around the country and the L.A. stop
was one of many that left the fans ecstatic.

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Held at the world-famous
Hollywood Palladium, the show was hosted by the one and only Chief Rocker Busy Bee. Music began promptly at 7pm and was kicked off by young up-and-coming L.A. rapper, Tre Capital. Tre raps in the style of Big Sean and had the place lit during his set. Music was trap style like Future. The sparse crowd seemed to like what Tre did.
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Busy Bee, who hosted the show, came out between acts, telling jokes and livening up the growing crowd. Next up on stage the legendary Kurtis Blow! He started his set with my personal favorite of his, AJ Scratch. He then went on to run thru his hits such as The Breaks and Basketball. One of the highlights of this set was Kurtis, who’s in his late 50’s, dancing and doing spins with his break dance crew — it was dope!

Mobb Deep rocked the stage next. Taking us through many of their well-known songs, Havoc and Prodigy did not disappoint. They started with Survival of the Fittest, then rocked songs like Temperature Rising, Eye for an Eye, Got It Twisted, and of course, Shook Ones Pt. II. An amazing set, Mobb brought that 90’s boom bap, hard!

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Following Mobb Deep was the original gangster, Ice T. The crowd rocked together with Ice through his hits like 6 In The Morning, I’m Your Pusher, Sex, Colors and New Jack Hustler. Then he blessed the crowd by bringing out the legend, Kool Keith from Ultramagnetic M.C.’s. Keith rocked a solo song and the crowd was super into it. Great surprise for L.A. to have Dr. Octagon come out. Ice also brought a local rapper from Watts, CA, named Feddy (sic) and he did a joint titled Throwing Up The W. Straight, west coast style.

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was next up to rock the stage. Erick and Parish still sound like it’s 1988. They rocked all their hit songs like Strictly Business, You Got’s To Chill and Crossover. When Erick Sermon did his song Music, he had the crowd singing along. These two never disappoint.
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Last but for sure not least, it was Public Enemy’s turn. Chuck D., Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, The S1W’s and DJ Lord sure know how to put on a stage show. With their band blasting thru their set with songs like Welcome to the Terrordome, Prophets of Rage, Night of The Living Baseheads, We Got Game and more, PE was for sure in full e.f.f.e.c.t.!! This group is still the leader of the rap revolution.
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In total, I was highly impressed with the show. High-level rhyme skills were on display all night long. They are still rolling thru the U.S. so, if they are coming to a town near you, go check it!

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1. of, relating to, or characteristic of people or human beings.
"the human body"
anthropomorphic, anthropoid, humanoid, hominid
"in human form” of or characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially in being susceptible to weaknesses.
"they are only human, and therefore mistakes do occur"
synonyms:mortal, flesh and blood
More of or characteristic of people's better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity.


1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
"you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion"
Tranquility, calm, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quiet, quietness;
2. More freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.
"the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace"
synonyms: law and order, lawfulness, order, peacefulness, peaceableness, harmony, nonviolence;
formal concord
"we pray for peace"

‘So, what ever happened to peace?’ Rakim asked back in the 80’s.
It is now mid-2016. A year filled with the deaths of icons, rap music feeling tainted and a political storm like no other. Republicans against Democrats. Whites versus Blacks. Sounds like a broken record. We have been here before. Heck, we haven’t left this place since the 60’s. Racial tensions abound across this nation. The media drives it, networks telling their own narratives,
sometimes without facts, often with misconstrued facts.
Who do you believe? Who can you believe? Who can we trust?

These days it seems hard to trust our media outlets, politicians, doctors, etc. These are people we’ve been taught to trust because they’re experts in their fields. Therefore, you need to put your trust in them. But day after day, we see evidence of these people misleading us, being untrustworthy and/or outright lying to us.

What we need
is proper dialogue, fueled not by emotions but by rational-thinking, educated people. People who are from all walks of life, rich/poor, old/young, etc. What we need is to
stop the hate, stop the negative energy, sit down and work out our differences. We need to restructure this country’s government. We need to get rid of those who are not competent in their job duties, or those who make promises they don’t keep. In a normal, everyday job, if you don’t do the work properly, you get written up. You go on a disciplinary plan which, if your actions are not corrected, will lead to you losing your job.
Why doesn’t that happen to people in prominent lines of work?
Teachers who don’t do their jobs properly should not be allowed to teach. Doctors or policemen/women who are not mentally sound should not be in those roles. Why? Because lives depend on them. It is time for us to stand up and make these decisions. People are losing their lives out on the streets. Our government spends too much on military and war.
For what? For oil? Power? When will we say enough is enough?

We all want to live our lives in a peaceful manner.
We want our children to grow up in a world free of hate and violence. We say these things but do we really want these things? When you really want something, don’t you do whatever it takes to get it?
Don’t you think we deserve peace? I do!

All lives matter.
We are ALL humans.
I know you cannot disagree or argue that point with me. And, being that we are ALL humans, we should try and treat each other as we would want others to treat us. Some people don’t love themselves; therefore, they cannot love others.
Trust that God has made you a good human. Love yourself.
This way, you can love others too as much as you love yourself.

We have 5 months left in 2016.

Maybe we can put some positive effort and energy out there
to make our communities a better place to live.
Plant a tree. Feed some homeless people.
Do a random act of kindness.
Teach someone something positive.
Positive actions bring positive results.
Much love and PEACE!
DJ 3rd Degree

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he 9th Annual West Coast Hip Hop Awards
• Hip Hop Stand Up & JoinThe Movement •

All Artists: MC's, DJ's, Poets, Execs, Media, Radio Show Hosts, Bloggers,
Influential Members of The Hip Hop Culture




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#FBF 1988
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KCMU RAP ATTACK #FBF 1988: I found this on You Tube — a rare recording of two of my very first RAP ATTACK radio shows aired in 1988. The first link is about 37 min long & you can hear my MasterMix around 10min 30 sec into it. Both aired on 90.3FM KCMU, 28 years ago. I was fired from KFOX in April of 1988 as the station was sold & they made it clear to me that the new KFOX would NOT play RAP/Hip Hop anymore. KCMU, based on the UW campus, offered me a Sunday night slot around July of 1988 to keep KFOX FRESHTRACKS on the air. I accepted the offer, went from AM to FM in 3 months & renamed my show KCMU RAP ATTACK. I wanted this show to sound just as good as if you're listening to a Casey Kasem American Top 40 show or any professional sounding show you'd hear on commercial radio. I didn't want to just yell on a mic & say my name in a mix or during the show so I invested $$$ in getting Professional Custom Voice Over Drops. I also made my own Drops & the rest is Seattle Hip Hop HISTORY!
Here it is from 1988 (28 years ago) yours truly,
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Happy Birthday! this week

Erika Walken aka Princess reppin' Comedy Central
(ALL these years & I still didn't forget you!!!)
celebrating on Tuesday, August 2nd

DJ K-Sly celebrating on Thursday, August 4th
(Chung yaaaaa!)


to Sensei Morgan Carey celebrating in Italy
on Saturday, August 6th!!!

PEACE, LOVE & HIP-HOP UNITY (God Bless & Isa Mahal)