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(R.I.P.) to a true Seattle Hip Hop soldier, Bobby Stills, aka 3-D, from the group PD-2.

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Props to my publicist BTP Media Group and General Millz from "Music Life Social" podcast for hooking up an excellent interview with me.
I'll let you know when it airs on YouTube! Nasty-Nes
@btp_mediagroup @sigstylzent

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It was a Seattle reunion with (l-r):
Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Jesse Ziebart (MCM) and 206 Zulu’s King Khazm!

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40 years ago - I remember like it was just yesterday, watching the premiere of "Beverly Hills Cop."
I got up extra early to watch "Beverly Hills Cop Axel-F" and I LOVED IT!
This 4th installment is full of non-stop action, car chases, an out-of-control helicopter journey that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, familiar music from the original, casts from the original and - drum roll -
Eddie Murphy!
I. Loved. It. Still laughing at the end of the movie. Huge smile on my face!
Two Thumbs Up 

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Looking fwd to wearing my new URBAN INFLUENCER t-shirt.
Thank you to
Marvyn Mack & to their staff & DJ’s who keep it rockin’ non stop.

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There’s a NEW voice in town.
DEVI GENUONE’s about to make noise nationwide with Soul Sage on their single “Lessons.”
RAP ATTACK DJ’s check your email.
If you need the Mp3, hit me up at:
(Photo by Larry Silverman)

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Hosted by The Beat Junkies, Sunday School was well attended!
(l-r) OG C-Los, Mr. Choc, Psycho Les, DJ Babu and Imperial Arman.

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Phil Jackson from WPRB (Princeton University) "The B-Side" show has just released his latest podcast "The Boombox Union" hosted by Phil Jackson & DJ Soullbuck.
Watch their latest podcast interview with writer/producer/director Thomas Freeman promoting his new movie "Sons of Sins" along with co-stars Porta Rich and Apollo Ali.

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Make sure you peep this out!
for the Week of July 15, 2024

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It’s been over 30 years since Dr. Dre produced Michel’le's “No More Lies.”
I just got his NEW venture by artist
Marsha Ambrois. Reviews have been good. I’ll give the album a listen & give you my feedback shortly.

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Looking fwd to a NICE & SMOOTH RAP ATTACK DJ CONF CALL with Greg Nice on July 11th. He just recorded some dope dj drops for my dj’s and that is LOVE!
Special shout out to
DJ RIP from the SPIN FIRM for his unconditional support for my RAP ATTACK DJ’s!

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Special shout out to PSTGear.com & Michael Pablo for the 2 Philippine snapback hats I’ll be proudly wearing!

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I owe a lot to this man right here, Ken Wilson  who guided me over the last 41 years & help me become the man I am today in the music business!
“You Are A Living Legend” Thank you Ken.


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Growing up in the 70’s, watching Bruce Lee movies and “Kung-Fu theater” on our local TV channel was one of the highlights of my teen years. Well, it still is 50 years later!
Thank you Derek Stubinski of MVD VISUAL for lacing me with the double DVD set of a true classic, SONNY CHIBA in “KARATE BEAST FIGHTER” and “KARATE BEAR FIGHTER.” I remember after the late & great Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, along came a martial artist from Japan named Sonny Chiba. He'd really take his martial arts to the next level by injecting his fist into his opponent's body & literally pulling out their heart. “OUCH!”
Both movies are directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi. They were adapted from the popular manga series, “Karate Baka Ichidai” by Ikki Kajiwara from 1971-1977 and chronicled the life and legend Mas Aceyama. I still have his paperback books in my collection.
Both features are on
BLU-RAY. Guess how I spent my weekend.
Yes, a weekend with the late & great, Sonny Chiba!

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Featuring Rick James, Ollie & Jerri, Melvin Riley, Chaka Khan and more . . .
plus Rex Santa Elena InDaMix!

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From San Jose’s iconic HOT97seven radio, OG Vet, DJ Rex Santa Elena recently launched his new website at https://simplyrex.com featuring his latest mixes & more.
You can also hear Rex InTheMix on
KFOX NIGHTBEAT with NES&GMS airing Sunday’s at 9pm (pst) on RainierAvenueRadio.world.

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“Welcome to Los Angeles,” says DJ’s D-Tragic (KCSB) & Nasty-Nes to King Khazm who now lives in sunny California!
206Zulu will now be run by King Khazm from both LA & Seattle.

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“OMG I  think I’m having a RAP ATTACK!”
It’s RAP ATTACK’s own DJ’s (above, l-r)
D-Tragic, 3rd Rail, Nasty-Nes and Mike Soul
(below, l-r) Mike Soul, Nasty-Nes, Imperial Arman & D-Tragic

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Last week I was back home in the “206” Seattle. The magic happened on both Thursday (15th) & Friday (16th) nights.

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On Thursday we were at Rainier Avenue Radio’s Black History Month Museum at 4916 Rainier Ave South. Sheila Locke, Sir Mix-A-Lot & I reunited for the first time since NASTYMIX Records closed in 1992. We shared behind-the-scenes look at the birth, creation & fall of NASTYMIX Records!
Friday found us at the
206 Zulu’s 20th Anniversary event at Madame Lou’s (2505 1st Avenue).
Both nights were memorable!

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Listen to all my archived KFOX NIGHTBEAT shows, with new shows added weekly!
It’s FREE!


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Happy Birthday!

o DJ J-Tyme,
celebrating on Tuesday, July 16.

R.I.P.) to Bruce Lee, who passed away on July 20, 1973.
Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute since 1973. NES)

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