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(R.I.P.) Kevin Fleming (far left)
founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of The Urban Buzz
(3-28-58 - 9-21-23)

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Remembering Allen Carroll
He repped MCA Records back in the day. In the early 80's, when I first got a job at Seattle's 1250 KFOX, he was one of the few record promoters who flew from LA to meet with me, give me vinyl & cds, take me out to eat and send me Gold plaques.
He BELIEVED in me.
I learned a lot from him on how to be a great promoter.

This man had the gift of gab and could convince anyone to buy your product.
I'm going to miss him and I'll never forget him.
Thank you for being an awesome role model to me. I owe a lot to you.
Thank you Allen (far right, with red tie).
R.I.P. Nasty-Nes

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The RecBoys recently had the opportunity to talk with
Seattle’s first mainstream Hip Hop radio dj @nastynes818
Here’s the YouTube link:
#nastynes818 #recboys #catchingrecentertainmentinc

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If there's a story or movie that encourages you to NEVER give up, even after many rejections, this is it!
Michael Pena is easily becoming one of my favorite actors. You will love him in "A Million Miles Away,"
the true life story of
Jose Hernandez, a farm worker who became an engineer & an astronaut.
This will give you hope & ambition & if you're not feeling so great physically or emotionally, TRUST ME this will uplift your spirits. It did for me!
2 Thumbs Up

From the movie “A MILLION MILES AWAY” 
5 ingredients for success:  
1. Find your goal. 2. Know how far you are.

3. Draw a roadmap.
4. If you don't know how, learn.

5. When you think you've made it, you probably have to work harder.

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DJ’s CHECK YOUR MAIL from Artists For Global Unity

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The Bass That Ate Miami” documentary highlights the early days and evolution of the Miami Bass sound. The project was conceived, directed and edited by renowned filmmaker Alex J. Weir.

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Make sure you watch the documentary, “The Bass That Ate Miami” Here’s the YouTube link:

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 Pictured l-r are the heads behind “The Bass That Ate Miami”:
Alex J. Weir, David Noller
of Dynamix II, Rick Sosa, Mohamed Moretta, Great Scott & Phil Jones

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On the Miami Hip Hop tip we found a rare photo of one of the greatest producers outta Miami.
He’s the force behind
Debbie Deb, Trinere, Freestyle & himself!
Yes that’s
Pretty Tony with a young NOT SO PRETTY Nasty-Nes!

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RAP ATTACK gives props to Palm Beach’s Legendary Producer, Great Scott! His latest project with SERENITY is dominating the RAP ATTACK charts with their single, “Sacrifice!” Get ready for the upcoming single by SERENITY, “Higher Ground” as Great Scott puts in his final touches.
Also in the works by Great Scott is a NEW single by Afrika Bambaataa, “Still Running” in association with Zulu’s Amad Henderson.
We got an exclusive photo of Freestyle’s own Connie pictured here with Great Scott! “WOW!!!”

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
September 25, 2023

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and the Rap Attack DJ’s.
What is good my Hip Hop friends!!? We just got done with summer and Labor Day weekend has come and gone. That means kids are back to school and football season is upon us! Plus, Hip Hop is winning in 2023! I want to share my incredible weekend here in Los Angeles.

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On Sunday, September 3, the city was aglow in Hip Hop love. Delicious Vinyl (yes, that iconic record label!) are the proud owners of two pizza establishments in L.A. One is on West Adams, in the heart of the city. For many years now, they have curated and hosted an amazing block party that shows off why Hip Hop is a universal culture. They close a section of the block that is in front of the restaurant, bring out lots of cool local vendors and put on one amazing show for everyone to enjoy.
This year, the 4
th installment, was no different. On stage they had DJ Jam, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, Medusa, Kali Madden, Yo-Yo, Medusa, Georgia Anne Muldrow, DJ Battlecat, D Smoke with a special appearance by the God MC Rakim and headlined by Arrested Development. It was non-stop music and great energy. Amazing music all day long, one dope artist after another. This festival never disappoints with the music and vibes that it creates. Huge shout out to Delicious Vinyl, Delicious Pizza and the folks over in the West Adams (Los Angeles) community for doing such an amazing job.
Next year, you need to be there!!

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the PD

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Blvk H3ro

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Following that festival, I was not done yet and headed down the road to the Kia Forum in Ingelwood for the F.O.R.C.E. tour featuring Salt N Pepa, Ice T, L.L. Cool J and Rakim, all backed by the amazing DJ skills of DJ Z-Trip and DJ Jazzy Jeff, along with The Roots band. This show was another non-stop collection of dope Hip Hop music. Each artist rocked their set and the fans sang along to all of the songs, making the experience so much fun.
Needless to say, I had an amazing day and night of Hip Hop culture
Well, that is it for me this time! Peace and Love! 
DJ 3rd Degree

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Bay Area’s Kritta is about to drop some NEW heat on y’all so stay tuned.

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(l-r) Nasty-Nes, Vincent Calloway (Midnight Star) & DJ Chill Will (WCBN-MI) bout to throw down!

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Here’s a recent MASH UP DJ Rich Babalu put together
using one of legendary
Great Scott’s beats!

Here’s what Rich Babalu has ADDED to their station’s playlist & format this week!

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In 1988, 1250 KFOX fired me when the new owners dropped Hip Hop from their format. I spoke out against their decision.
Three months later, Don Yates aka DJ Bass from KCMU reached out to me & the following is a 2 minute excerpt from my very FIRST RAP ATTACK show on KCMU!

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Uniting Jiu-Jitsu, Hip-Hop and MMA with Unstoppable Passion!

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Come dive into the mind-blowing world of GrandMixer GMS as he bridges the gap between Jiu-Jitsu, Hip-Hop and MMA with an unstoppable passion! 
Witness the seamless harmony between the precision of Jiu-Jitsu and the rhythm of Hip-Hop as GrandMixer GMS unveils the secrets of his artistry. Not just about disciplines, it's about pushing boundaries and creating a symphony of movement and beats that leave an indelible mark on the world!
Join us in celebrating this trailblazer who's breaking the mold and showing us that there are no limits to what can be achieved with dedication, creativity and a ton of heart. 
Download a free digital copy click here: https://mailchi.mp/ace654e27efc/pump-it-up-magazine
Website: www.pumpitupmagazine.com

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In honor of Bruce Lee's 50th Anniversary release of "Enter The Dragon"
"JFGFI since 1973"

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Monday, August 14th, was a very special day in Hip Hop. The state of California honored those of us who have participated in the culture of Hip Hop on the West Coast.
Honored and reppin' Washington State were Sir Mix-A-Lot, The Emerald Street Boys,  Macklemore & yours truly, Nasty-Nes.
I am very proud to be a part of the 50 years of Hip Hop.
Thank you. Maraming Salamat.

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At Seattle’s Pier 62, “Hip Hop 50th” celebration are (l-r): Captain Crunch (Emerald Street Boys – Seattle’s first Rap Group), Nasty-Nes, JJ Hudson & kneeling Silver Shadow D.

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Maharaji & Nes

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“Seattle Music is Real” artist Maribased1 with DJ Nasty-Nes

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Members of the original Sir MixALot posse reunited on stage with a special guest!
Nasty-Nes, Raj Punjabi (drummer for Greenday), Attitude Ajusta, Maharaji & Kid Sensation

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Back in 2008, I was awarded a West Coast Hip Hop Award up in Portland — 15 long years ago! On Saturday, August 5, 2023, I received my second award. Props to Tavis Miller who has continued to acknowledge West Coast Hip Hop.

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This event, his last I believe, was memorable. I reunited with the West Coast OG'z who are responsible for putting SirMixALot & NASTYMIX RECORDS on the West Coast map. Props to Sir T from JAMZ CITY Record Pool & Promotions, who ran Fresno, Scotty D who ran Los Angeles & repped Uncle Jams Army and to Easy-D who ran the Bay Area with Pros Record Pool with CEO Rico Casanova.

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I'm 43 years deep into the Hip Hop biz as a DJ, Promoter & Actor and am blessed to be a major part of Hip Hop's 50-years' celebration!

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(11/27/1940 - 7/20/1973)

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(l-r): Andy Kimura, Linda Lee Cadwell & Nasty-Nes

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Keep those prayers GOING UP as EsWayRadio’s own E-Dawg is recovering well from his stroke! His TRUE dawgs were there to see the REAL E-Dawg!
DJ Forrest Gump, Maharaji & DJ Nasty-Nes

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Seattle’s E-Dawg of EsWayRadio.com has been in the hospital due to complications from High Blood Pressure.
Please help E-DAWG & his family on his go-fund-me page:

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JAMILA JAM 14” a yearly event in Seattle held for the last 14 years is now history as it honors the late Jamila Renea Alba. In the building showing their support (l-r): Pablo, Nasty-Nes, DJ WaCko, JJ Hudson, The Shockmaster Glen Boyd & DJ Solar!

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Released for the first time in the United States, Serenity, “Sacrifice” feat Shawn Davis (Cut It Up Def Records) is making a huge buzz nationally.
DJ Stage One outta MN says, “I'm digging the freestyle b boy feeling this song gives me" For booking info hit up: www.CIUD.org

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Big shout out & props to Scott L.of CIUD.org for making things happen for artist Serenity. Thank you Serenity for recording the DJ Drops for our RAP ATTACK DJ’s. If you’d like a drop, hit me up with your drop info: nastynes818@gmail.com


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“It was ALL a dream!”
The day
Nasty-Nes met Beyonce’ for the first time.

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"Keeping Indy Hip Hop Alive since 1985"

We continue to break NEW & UNSIGNED Hip Hop.
If your music's not on here, take the first step & email me! nastynes818@gmail.com

I've got the BEST panel of DJ's who will debut & chart your music.

by Portland's Finest DeeJay Budget Money

1. Miya Guggs - Situations
2. J Hunnit - I Like
3. Maribased1 Ft. Yung6ix - Talk Talk Talk
4. Fre$hboy G - Ima Mess
5. ChrisGlove - Cahuenga Boulevard
6. Christian Keyes - Under That Veil
7. Buddy McLain Ft. Jamecia Bennett & The Sounds of Blackness - So Thankful
8. Flex & Peek - O.G. Funk (East Flatbush)
9. JxHines - Body Like SZA
10. Jamaar Milton - Spooky
11. Suspens - I Try
12. Dj 3rd Degree & John Jiggs - The Tradition
13. Dj 3rd Degree & Nemesis - Lightning Storm
14. MP & ISSEI - 1234
15. Buddha Chief - Get Down
16. ILLashaz Ft. Musik G & Mr. Hooper - Through the Wind
17. Mr. Hooper Ft. Mike Ladd - One Day
18. Kritta - Deal Myself
19. Artists For Global Unity - Why oh Why
20. Chef Sean Ft. Bz Bwai - Runaway 

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I Made It Off The Block” by Big Caz

Stacks Image 2997
Stacks Image 2999

(l-r) Big Caz & DJ D-Tragic (KCSB-CA)

Stacks Image 3011

I already ordered my copy & you should too!
Follow the true story of Big Caz aka Guillermo Eiland, a one-time major drug dealer, a career criminal who makes it ‘off the block’ to become a successful entrepreneur and musician, consorting with the likes of rapper Ice-T.  
He is now on a new mission: a life dedicated to helping others avoid the mistakes he made growing up.

(order your copy here)

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Three The Hard Way!
(l-r): Nasty-Nes, Grandmixer GMS & JJ Hudson
Check out the latest press on JJ from Pump It Up Magazine.
Talk about going from Homeless, Drugs, Abuse to now a successful music career!
I hope her story inspires

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This is where the magic begins for my KFOX NIGHTBEAT show,
airing Sunday nights from 9-11pm (pst) with
Nes & GMS on www.RanierAvenueRadio.world!
(L to R): Keith Tucker of @HipHopIsGreen, Tony B (PD of RAR) & Nasty-Nes!

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Author of the BEST SELLING book, "Gangster Rap," former Editor for The Source Magazine and Rap Pages & Hip Hop's top journalist Soren Baker goes one on one with DJ Nasty-Nes!

@sorenbaker and @uniqueaccessent

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