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(R.I.P.) Mister CEE

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(R.I.P.) Rico Wade

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RAP ATTACK’s DJ Nasty-Nes & D-Tragic will be BACK in the LBC this Thursday night, April 18.

Artists — are you looking to branch out from your area, or connect with other MC's and Producers and grow your network? Serious heads should roll thru and say Whats Up!
We'll introduce you to
Marvyn Mack of Independent Artist Connect/Urban Influcer Radio & my DJ Nasty Nes of RapAttackLives.Com, a Real Life Hip-Hop Pioneer & of course, DJ D-Tragic (KCSB)! They've all helped a bunch of artists get their music on Radio, TV and more!

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Guess who’s coming home in 2025?!

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Former UFC/WWE fighter, Ronda Rousey has a new book out called “Our Fight: A Memoir.”
Chillin’ with Ronda is her sparring partner from (www.grizzlypodcast.com), Irvin Scott!

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I want to personally thank the staff, the students, Rowland Santos & everyone who made South Gate High School’s “Career Day” a success!
Irvin Scott (www.grizzlypodcast.com) and I spoke at the school & educated the students about radio, podcasts, acting and film!

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“OMG I  think I’m having a RAP ATTACK!”
It’s RAP ATTACK’s own DJ’s (above, l-r)
D-Tragic, 3rd Rail, Nasty-Nes and Mike Soul
(below, l-r) Mike Soul, Nasty-Nes, Imperial Arman & D-Tragic

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RAPATTACKLIVES.COM is approaching 23 years STRONG!
Here’s proof -

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Nick "Baby Love" Salerno, a renowned Record Promoter and Producer outta Florida, has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of numerous Recording Artists, including iconic figures like MC Hammer, New Edition, The 2 Live Crew, KANO, Sir Mix-A-Lot and many more.

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Nick & I go back over 35 years, first as a business relationship & then becoming close friends. He's the Tony Soprano of music promotions! I still roll with this icon.

Despite facing personal challenges, including a battle with cancer and living with legal blindness, Nick has remained resilient. He’s continued to make significant contributions to the music world. Now residing in Palm Beach, Florida, Nick finds himself in a position where he requires financial assistance.

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Now, it's our turn to give back to someone who has given so much to the world of music. If you've done business with him, then you'll agree with me.
I could use your help by donating, even if it's just $5.00 or $25.00.

Let's come together as a community to support a true music industry legend and ensure that his legacy continues to inspire generations to come.

Nick Is In Need Of Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medication, Transportation and Assistance With His Day To Day Expenses.

Thank you for your help or as Nick would say, "GRAZIE!" Nasty-Nes

Here's the GoFundMe link:

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I was a fan of the original ROADHOUSE starring the late Patrick Swayze. I was surprised to see that the remake was done very well, with an added MMA touch via Conor McGregor, who plays an excellent villain.
Jake Gyllenhaal convincingly portrays a UFC fighter! Men and ladies, if you enjoyed him in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, I guarantee you'll love him in ROADHOUSE! Nasty-Nes

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Unfortunately those good ole' days are over now that Republic has taken over. 
Reminiscing to 2013 at Interscope Recods (l-r): Marlon Singleton, the late Byze One, Nasty-Nes, Imperial Arman & Nick Vidal of The Baka Boyz!

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 This past Tuesday (March 12), my SIFU, the late Taky Kimura, would’ve been 100 years old.
He’s been my 2nd father for more than half my life. Next to
Bruce Lee, he's the nearest person ever by me.
Happy birthday Sifu! I love & miss you.
Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute since 1973Nestor

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It’s the DJ's of KFOX NIGHTBEAT’s InTheMix, Mark Martin & GrandMixer GMS, chillin’ with Sir Mix-A-Lot & Nasty-Nes.

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Get ready for the West Coast Hip Hop documentary coming soon by Hip Hop historian, Daudi Abe! Here’s Nasty-Nes doing what he loves.

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Last week I was back home in the “206” Seattle. The magic happened on both Thursday (15th) & Friday (16th) nights.

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On Thursday we were at Rainier Avenue Radio’s Black History Month Museum at 4916 Rainier Ave South. Sheila Locke, Sir Mix-A-Lot & I reunited for the first time since NASTYMIX Records closed in 1992. We shared behind-the-scenes look at the birth, creation & fall of NASTYMIX Records!
Friday found us at the
206 Zulu’s 20th Anniversary event at Madame Lou’s (2505 1st Avenue).
Both nights were memorable!

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(l-r) 206 Zulu’s own, King Khazm (MCM Mid Century Modern Music), Nasty-Nes & Jesse Kogita (MCM Mid Century Modern Music) celebrating their single, “Cry Me A River” going NUMBER ONE on the RAP ATTACK TOP 30 chart! Congrats!

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Did you miss the NASTYMIX RECORDS reunion on 02/15/2024? Watch it here:
Nasty-Nes, Sheila Locke & Sir MixALot together again under one roof, a first since 1992!

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Celebrating 50 Years of Hip HopDJ Nasty-Nes's 40+ year career continues to embrace the MIC which started back in 1980 on Seattle's 1250 KFOX debuting "FRESHTRACKS!" the West Coast's first ALL Rap radio show on commercial radio.
Every Tuesday, Nasty-Nes takes his "KFOX NIGHTBEAT" radio show to The Urban Influencer's brand new radio station headed by the OG himself, Marvyn Mack!
Listen to his show at 
www.theurbaninfluencer.com at 11pm (PST).

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On Monday, February 5, 2024, at 5pm (PST), GrandMixer GMS debuted his mix & hit the decks on the Drive @ 5 on Seattle’s iconic C89.5-FM — the longest running dance station on the planet!
His mix-style is influenced by the great DJ’s who paved the way—
Nasty-Nes, Cameron Paul, the Latin Rascals, Theo Mizuhara, Alex Mejia, Bob Rosenberg, Prince Ice, Bad Boy Bill, Joe Cooley and countless others. He strives to pay homage to them every time he touches the turntables.
Please tune in & enjoy an hour of the latest edm music with some classics laced in,
all mixed in the traffic jam/mastermix style reminiscent of the legendary DJs who came before.

Not in Seattle? Llisten online @ http://www.c895.org/mp3/
 #c895 #c895radio #seattle #seattlemusic #entertainment #radio #inthemix #onair #dancemusic #dance #electronicmusic #housemusic #freestylemusic #latinfreestyle #latinmusic #edm #electromusic #hiphouse #koolrocksteady #cameronpaul #dj #djlife #mixshowdj #westcoastdjs #turntablist #spokane #indiemusic #music 
@c895radio @nastynes818 @djtonymoran @djalexmejia 
@willtopowermusic @dj_princeice @djbadboybill

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Listen to all my archived KFOX NIGHTBEAT shows, with new shows added weekly!
It’s FREE!


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Happy Birthday!


to My PINOY Brotha From Anotha, "Portland's Finest" DeeJay Budget Money, celebrating this Wednesday, April 17.