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I owe a lot to this man right here, Ken Wilson  who guided me over the last 41 years & help me become the man I am today in the music business!
“You Are A Living Legend” Thank you Ken.


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Looking fwd to a NICE & SMOOTH RAP ATTACK DJ CONF CALL with Greg Nice on July 11th. He just recorded some dope dj drops for my dj’s and that is LOVE!
Special shout out to
DJ RIP from the SPIN FIRM for his unconditional support for my RAP ATTACK DJ’s!

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My RAP ATTACK DJ CONFERENCE CALL was very excited to have the legendary, MC Lyte as a guest on last week’s RAP ATTACK CONF CALL.
Her latest single, “Woman (ReMix)” features
Raheem DeVaughn and get ready for her new joint, “King King.” Thank you LYTE for always showing us LOVE cuz we LOVE YOU!

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RIP Jerry West

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Growing up in the 70’s, watching Bruce Lee movies and “Kung-Fu theater” on our local TV channel was one of the highlights of my teen years. Well, it still is 50 years later!
Thank you Derek Stubinski of MVD VISUAL for lacing me with the double DVD set of a true classic, SONNY CHIBA in “KARATE BEAST FIGHTER” and “KARATE BEAR FIGHTER.” I remember after the late & great Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, along came a martial artist from Japan named Sonny Chiba. He'd really take his martial arts to the next level by injecting his fist into his opponent's body & literally pulling out their heart. “OUCH!”
Both movies are directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi. They were adapted from the popular manga series, “Karate Baka Ichidai” by Ikki Kajiwara from 1971-1977 and chronicled the life and legend Mas Aceyama. I still have his paperback books in my collection.
Both features are on
BLU-RAY. Guess how I spent my weekend.
Yes, a weekend with the late & great, Sonny Chiba!

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The late Gary Jackson (HITS Magazine R&B Editor) & Nasty-Nes.
Moving to LA & becoming
HITS Magazine's Rap Editor had it perks. Getting to know & work with Gary Jackson is one I'll always be thankful for. (R.I.P.) my friend. "This is Gary!"

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I remember like it was just yesterday, but it was in 1983 when I had the honor to debut Angela Bofill’s music on Seattle’s 1250 KFOX radio. The legendary singer passed away at the age of 70. TV One’s “UNSUNG” recently profiled her story. I didn't realize she'd survived two strokes.
“TOO TOUGH” will always be my favorite track.

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RAP ATTACK was invited to see artists GUMBO perform on Wednesday, June 5.
What an excellent event!
There was a who’s who in the building along with bowls & bowls of complimentary Gumbo!
Here’s a BTS look. Huge thank you to
AdrianA-LOVEMiller for the great hospitality and invite.

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(l-r) Nasty-Nes, King Khazm (206 Zulu), Nasty-Nes & Adrian “A-Love” Miller

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(l-r) King Khazm (206 Zulu), Nasty-Nes & Fade

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X Marks the Spot! Nasty-Nes & Xzibit

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 Rockin’ the mic LIVE with their new single "Purification” (l-r) Ro (Gumbo), Xzibit  & Danger (Gumbo)

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Make sure you peep this out!
for the Week of June 24, 2024

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Sad to hear the news that Brother Marquis of the 2 Live Crew has passed away.
He now joins
Fresh Kid Ice & I hope they're both Resting In Peace.

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Thank you for your legendary and iconic contributions to Hip Hop. Nasty-Nes

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Guess who’s back? Back again?
Slim Shady with his very last magic trick, “Houdini!”

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It brought me back to day one when Eminem caught our attnention.
The comedy, lyrics & hook are all still there.

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Featuring Trinere, Dynasty, Pretty Poison, Chi Lites and more . . .
plus DJ Mark Martin InDaMix!

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Death Row Records is making a strong comeback in 2024 with the new single by Tha Dogg Pound, “My Favorite Color Blue.”

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From San Jose’s iconic HOT97seven radio, OG Vet, DJ Rex Santa Elena recently launched his new website at https://simplyrex.com featuring his latest mixes & more.
You can also hear Rex InTheMix on
KFOX NIGHTBEAT with NES&GMS airing Sunday’s at 9pm (pst) on RainierAvenueRadio.world.

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Not exactly COBRA KAI, but close if you’ve been following these West Coast Legends over the last 40 years! (l-r) Grandmixer GMS, Nasty-Nes and Sir Mix-A-Lot

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“Welcome to Los Angeles,” says DJ’s D-Tragic (KCSB) & Nasty-Nes to King Khazm who now lives in sunny California!
206Zulu will now be run by King Khazm from both LA & Seattle.

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“OMG I  think I’m having a RAP ATTACK!”
It’s RAP ATTACK’s own DJ’s (above, l-r)
D-Tragic, 3rd Rail, Nasty-Nes and Mike Soul
(below, l-r) Mike Soul, Nasty-Nes, Imperial Arman & D-Tragic

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Get ready for the West Coast Hip Hop documentary coming soon by Hip Hop historian, Daudi Abe! Here’s Nasty-Nes doing what he loves.

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Last week I was back home in the “206” Seattle. The magic happened on both Thursday (15th) & Friday (16th) nights.

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On Thursday we were at Rainier Avenue Radio’s Black History Month Museum at 4916 Rainier Ave South. Sheila Locke, Sir Mix-A-Lot & I reunited for the first time since NASTYMIX Records closed in 1992. We shared behind-the-scenes look at the birth, creation & fall of NASTYMIX Records!
Friday found us at the
206 Zulu’s 20th Anniversary event at Madame Lou’s (2505 1st Avenue).
Both nights were memorable!

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Celebrating 50 Years of Hip HopDJ Nasty-Nes's 40+ year career continues to embrace the MIC which started back in 1980 on Seattle's 1250 KFOX debuting "FRESHTRACKS!" the West Coast's first ALL Rap radio show on commercial radio.
Every Tuesday, Nasty-Nes takes his "KFOX NIGHTBEAT" radio show to The Urban Influencer's brand new radio station headed by the OG himself, Marvyn Mack!
Listen to his show at 
www.theurbaninfluencer.com at 11pm (PST).

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On Monday, February 5, 2024, at 5pm (PST), GrandMixer GMS debuted his mix & hit the decks on the Drive @ 5 on Seattle’s iconic C89.5-FM — the longest running dance station on the planet!
His mix-style is influenced by the great DJ’s who paved the way—
Nasty-Nes, Cameron Paul, the Latin Rascals, Theo Mizuhara, Alex Mejia, Bob Rosenberg, Prince Ice, Bad Boy Bill, Joe Cooley and countless others. He strives to pay homage to them every time he touches the turntables.
Please tune in & enjoy an hour of the latest edm music with some classics laced in,
all mixed in the traffic jam/mastermix style reminiscent of the legendary DJs who came before.

Not in Seattle? Llisten online @ http://www.c895.org/mp3/
 #c895 #c895radio #seattle #seattlemusic #entertainment #radio #inthemix #onair #dancemusic #dance #electronicmusic #housemusic #freestylemusic #latinfreestyle #latinmusic #edm #electromusic #hiphouse #koolrocksteady #cameronpaul #dj #djlife #mixshowdj #westcoastdjs #turntablist #spokane #indiemusic #music 
@c895radio @nastynes818 @djtonymoran @djalexmejia 
@willtopowermusic @dj_princeice @djbadboybill

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Listen to all my archived KFOX NIGHTBEAT shows, with new shows added weekly!
It’s FREE!


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