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wwith Nasty-Nes

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with Ahsan The Golden Child (WRSU-NJ)

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My new book "We Got Our Own Thang: A Look At Hip-Hop From The 914" is now available on Amazon for $30:
OR you can order an autographed copy directly from me at
or CashApp $MrAJWoodson. Add $5 for postage and you will receive your book for Christmas if you order by December 15.

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Congratulations to Maxine Ashley, the artist I represent outta the Bronx. She makes her @Billboard debut on the Rhythmic Airplay charts, entering at #40 with "Somebody Else." 
Thank you to everyone who supported the single, both DJs and fans. 
#billboard @billboardcharts #billboardcharts #musiccharts
@maxineashley @jbrcreativegroup. @nastynes818

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Each of their songs are on this week's TOP 2 ADDED songs on the Urban Influencer Rap chart.

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Recognize the two DJ’s in these pictures?
Here’s your hint! “

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I lost a very good friend on Nov 20, 2023. An original RAP ATTACK DJ for her 3rd Floor Radio show, she was also a huge force behind MySpace, giving HipHop DJ's, music & labels their shine. Most recently, she played a big part of getting pinoy artist Ez Mil signed to Shady Records.

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(R.I.P.) Roslynn Cobarrubias from your Kuya Nasty-Nes

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(l-r): Nasty-Nes, Roslynn & DJ Icy Ice

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Back To The Grill Again as KEXP’s Larry Mizell Jr. interviews DJ Nasty-Nes at the same station where NES spent 10 years (1988 to 1998) hosting his show, “KCMU RAP ATTACK!”

Hear his Hip Hop history on KCMU, the break up between Nes & Mix-A-Lot and MORE.

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Straight outta Compton, the late Eazy E now has a street named after him!
DJ Yella & Lonzo are pictured holding the historical sign.

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DJ Stage One “5 years ago I returned to the city and got this job my second day back. I was down bad with no where to go but up. I saw the homelessness in the city but I couldn't be too appalled as I myself was a hotel stay away from the streets. My parental instincts kicked into overdrive and my only thought was to get my kids safely under a roof. Today is a different day from those difficult dark times. The tribulations I faced then are personal trophies that I look to now when adversity confronts me. They are a reminder of what I've already overcome in the name of love, self-respect and just being a man and protector.
My Thanks goes to
God for giving me the strength to keep going and also to the friends who stood by me as I rebuilt and reset mi Vida loca. 
Happy anniversary to me. I never thought I would last at this job. It's definitely a testament of the eye-opening fourth chapter in my crazy but fantastic life that I've been living thus far” 
#djstageone #mividaloca #Atlanta #twincities #fiveyears #chaptersoflife

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“This is Nasty-Nes Calling from Los Angeles!” Check out GrandMixer GMS’s newest creation:

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Here’s a recent MASH UP DJ Rich Babalu put together
using one of legendary
Great Scott’s beats!

Here’s what Rich Babalu has ADDED to their station’s playlist & format this week for Palm Beach, Florida’s YO! 107.1!

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Just in time for Christmas “The RAP ATTACK Mixtape Volume 4” by DeeJay Budget Money.
It features, to name a few —
MCM, Big Caz feat Chauncey Jones, Flii Stylz, Kritta, Maxine Ashley, Quincy Q, Serenity, Young Hype and MORE!

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HERE'S WHY! with Portland's Finest, DeeJay Budget Money
@darealdjbudgetmoney @iamraffles

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
December 4, 2023

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and the Rap Attack DJ’s.
What is good my Hip Hop friends!!? The year is flying by so fast. Holidays are approaching, as is the end of 2023. What a year it’s been. We keep pressing forward, doing things with positivity and love. That is what I have for you! Oh wait, I have a cool review for you too!
Let me share that I am a super blessed person. Because of my affiliation and friendship with Seattle’s Godfather of Hip Hop,
Nasty Nes, I have been to many dope functions and have met many Hip Hop legends. I appreciate Nes for including me on all things Hip Hop related. Well, that journey continued last night (Nov. 10, 2023), as Nes invited me to check out a dope preview of the UHHM (Hip Hop Museum) and a particular event curated by the one and only Prime Minister Pete Nice (3rd Bass) and a DJ legend, Paradise Gray. I will tell you, this event was as dope as it sounds.

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Sponsored by Mass Appeal and Ciro., it was a special, invite-only event held in downtown LA to showcased an exhibit of dope and rare Hip Hop memorabilia. I believe most of the items were the property of Pete Nice and Paradise Gray, both hosts of the event. Paradise Gray is the Chief Curator and Advisory Board Member of The Hip Hop Museum. A Hip-Hop historian and legend from the South Bronx, he was mentored by pioneering DJs and has a collection of Hip Hop artifacts dating from 1979. With that history, you know the event and items showcased were super on point.

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When you walked into the space, you were kindly greeted and given an opportunity to take a photo in front of the event sign they had created. As you walked in, you saw some of the earliest items from the history of the culture — from Kool Herc’s record crate filled with some of the dopest sampled records, plus a 6-channel Sony mixer owned by DJ Pete Jones, one of the forefathers of the Hip Hop DJ culture. Continuing into the space, you saw some of the earliest Hip Hop event flyers and posters. Then it got even doper with several clothing items on display. One was a 1981 Sugarhill records jacket and next to that, one of my fave items: a yellow Disco Fever jacket. Don’t know about Disco Fever? Well, it was an iconic disco club located in the South Bronx on Jerome Avenue & 167th street that operated from 1976 to 1986. In those days, if you did Hip Hop and got to perform there, you had made it!

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I couldn’t stop smiling at so many dope items, including Slick Rick’s royal chair, Run DMC’s iconic jackets and Adidas and Coolio’s custom-made bicycle. Plus, a rare photo of a young Tupac and a check from Eazy E and Ruthless Records with the Canoga Park, CA office address on it. Since I live in that area, seeing this super local history was a small thrill!
Even better, our ears were blessed with the sounds of
DJ Z-Trip as he rocked the turntables for the event. Cool brother for sure who showed me love. I was beyond honored. Got to see some of Hip Hop royalty, from Medusa, Fuzzy (Power 106/The Beat FM), my dudes Sketch and Kevin Sakoda, Pete Nice (of course), Peanut Butter Wolf, Mona Lisa and many others. The vibe was so chill and dope, I feel like everyone had an amazing time. I think all the smiles showed that.

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Enjoy the photos. Thanks to Nes, Arash, Arman and my wife Shelley for a great time. Honored to have been a part of it!
Ok, next review is the last one for the year. I will be back in two weeks with my year end music recap.
Well, that is it for me this time! Peace and Love!
DJ 3rd Degree

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(l to r): Nasty-Nes, Lonzo (Wreckin Cru) & Mr Supreme

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(l to r): Jake One, Mr Supreme & Nasty-Nes

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Ahsan "The Golden Child"
WRSU (New Jersey)

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If you missed hearing/seeing Kritta on The Sway show on Shade 45, here’s the link & you will be impressed with his freestyle skills & more:

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Kritta’s album, “Kritta (beta)” drops this week. I'll be sending out Kritta’s new single “iLY” to my RapAttack DJ’s as well.

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We’re planning on doing a RAP ATTACK DJ Reunion in either 2024 or 2025. This will include everyone who has been a part of RAPATTACKLIVES.COM since 1998 - stay tuned!

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I can honestly say that my life as a dj/promoter has been a blessing. In 1985, I started promoting to dj's at national radio stations. My first artist was Sir Mix-A-Lot & the first dj I contacted was Al Birmingham. Initially, I made a huge mistake asking for 'Al' and finally realizing I was calling a radio station in the city of Birmingham, Alabama!
In 1998 I created RapAttackLives.com, promoting Hip Hop records exclusively to national College & Community radio shows.Tonight I reunited with a few of my original RAP ATTACK DJ's who have been down with me since day one, including a few who joined the team 10 years ago & have stayed loyal to this day. 
Kevin Sakoda (KSPC- CA) Mike Soul (KCR- San Diego) 3rd Rail (WNUR-Chicago)
D-Tragic (Santa Barbara-CA) Kazzeo (KHDC-CA). DJ 3rd Degree (RAR-CA)
In the words of SHALAMAR, tonight was a night to remember!
Thank you Gino's East Chicago pizza for the excellent food and service.
WE'LL BE BACK! Nasty-Nes

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Grafitti by: NEMO

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The RecBoys recently had the opportunity to talk with
Seattle’s first mainstream Hip Hop radio dj @nastynes818
Here’s the YouTube link:
#nastynes818 #recboys #catchingrecentertainmentinc

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Big shout out & props to Scott L.of CIUD.org for making things happen for artist Serenity. Thank you Serenity for recording the DJ Drops for our RAP ATTACK DJ’s. If you’d like a drop, hit me up with your drop info: nastynes818@gmail.com

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Happy Birthday!

to the late Bubba G. Scotch,
on Thursday, December 7.
Your memory lives on at

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